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    2011 - 11.06

    I am Allegra, and I live in Toronto.

    They say that I’m Tina Fey at an 18-year delay. I prefer to think of myself as a tangential word-nerd, beard connoisseur, glasses model, and lover of all things geeky and Nova Scotian. By trade I am a student optician and I take that very seriously.

    I am an amateur dermatologist, intersectional feminist, vegetarian, Tarot reader to the stars, fiery brunette, and part-time lesbian.

    I spent too long in high school to get involved in drama.

    I sing karaoke – poorly. I host White Girl Dance Parties. I draw fractal art with Sharpies. I have an obsession with girl-abs and half-Jewish boys. I’m allergic to caffeine and most other stimulants. I am the heiress to a nonexistent Scottish throne.

    I’ve starred in an infomercial, renovated a house and was saved from a fire by Gordon Ramsay.

    I’ve had the same favourite band for most of my life.

    My new friends are all adults and my old friends all have scattered.

    2 Responses to “About Allegra”

    1. edwin says:

      sorry for all these
      u broke up with one of ur ex
      because u cheated?
      that’s what I have heard from him
      and he’s not in Canada now,
      I’d like to know

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