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    2011 - 12.13

    Everyone I know has been a little negligent in updating their blogs, and I can certainly understand why. The holidays come around and suddenly there are exams and parties and shopping and twice as many retail shifts…
    I guess I’m no exception. I’ve been done school for a week (starting up again in January), my agenda is filled with social events and hangouts and I couldn’t be happier about it.

    Tonight, for example – Harold the Herald has invited me to be his date for the holiday ball his corporate overlords are throwing. I haven’t been to the venue since my prom back in 2006, so at least the precedence has been set low. This will be my third time as his +1 to one of these things (see: Halloween and Wonderland and I can’t wait. I’m even busting out my favourite fancy party dress! The phrase “perfect hourglass” may have been used to describe it. Plus Harold and I got to go shopping for his outfit – many thanks to our saleslady at the Le Chateau outlet in Scarbs – and the guy looks GOOD. I’m not the world’s best mall shopper, but damn if shopping for men isn’t a fun way to spend a few hours.

    I’ll be sure to recap it fully, now that I’m back online.

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